Commercial Space Leasing is the engine that drives commercial real estate and is considered amongst the most reliable indicator of economic health across almost every industry worldwide. At Diaz Commercial we have developed an almost automated process of bridging the supply and demand of commercial real estate for lease. As a technology-centric commercial real estate firm, we utilize a wide array of database technology and space design systems to match users’ wants and needs with leasable space inventory. By providing a full-service property leasing platform, landlords benefit from our far-reaching marketing ability to introduce their commercial space into the market, while tenants can take advantage of making informed decisions using our almost comprehensive market data.

Landlord Representation

Landlords needing to lease their commercial space of every size are provided with a detailed multi-segment approach. Our strategy is designed to offer landlords a proven goal-oriented roadmap to achieve their commercial space leasing objectives.

MARKET LEASE ANALYSIS: Every leasable space is thoroughly analyzed based on its physical characteristics, location, functionality, property amenities, and then compared to other similar leasable inventory within proximity. The result is an opinion of market lease rate geared towards maximizing the landlords’ income potential while remaining competitive within their respective commercial space market.

LEASE MARKETING PLAN: Every commercial lease listing is introduced on the open market through a wide array of communication mediums. Our firm’s comprehensive marketing plan includes generating leads through both our proprietary database of potential tenants and a multitude of highly trafficked advertising platforms providing market wide exposure.

LISTING TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT: The entire commercial space lease listing process from beginning to contracting is expertly managed by experienced leasing advisors and brokers. Every landlord is directly overseen by a senior leasing executive to ensure that their needs are addressed, and decisions are immediately executed.

Tenant Representation

Our firm provides tenants with a methodical approach to finding and deciding amongst potential commercial space. Our strategy is geared towards matching tenants’ both tangible and intangible requirements with criteria satisfying leasable spaces.

EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION: Our firm provides Tenants with a complete boutique experience that includes tailored space searching, leasable space analysis, and lease transaction management. However, we limit our Tenant services to clients with whom and exclusive representation relationship is established.

TAILORED SPACE SEARCHING: We use an out-of-the-box comprehensive technique to source commercial leasing opportunities for our clients. Rather than just relying on conventional online searches and broker-to-broker inquiries, we utilize an expansive combination of research methods. This also includes cold-calling landlords whom off-market leasable spaces may match our tenants’ criteria, querying our own database of off-market commercial space, and taking the time to physically scout the market.

LEASABLE SPACE ANALYSIS: Every leasable space found to be a match for our Tenants are exhaustively reviewed. Detailed attention is given to each category of the tenants’ use criteria, which for the most part, always include physical characteristics and amenities, commercial space functionality, geographic location, market demographics, economic factors, and in some cases, expansion possibilities.

LEASE TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT: The commercial space leasing process is expertly handled by experienced professionals. Every tenant is directly assigned to a senior executive to reassure them that their requirements and decisions are immediately addressed and executed.

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