investment sales

Our commercial real estate investment sale and acquisition services are designed to benefit both buyers and sellers. We provide a full-service trading platform with special attention to the nuances involved in the purchasing and selling of commercial properties. As a forward-thinking firm, we leverage the latest innovations in software technology to support the commercial property exchange process. For sellers, we offer the ability to market their commercial real estate for sale on a global scale through a series of advertising channels, while buyers are given a competitive advantage by having access to market data and professionally constructed financial analytics.

Space Leasing

Commercial Space Leasing is considered amongst the most reliable indicator of economic health across almost every industry worldwide. We have developed an almost automated process of bridging the supply and demand of commercial real estate for lease. As a technology-centric commercial real estate firm, we utilize a wide array of database technology and space design systems to match users wants and needs with leasable space inventory. By providing a full-service property leasing platform, landlords benefit from our far-reaching marketing ability to introduce their commercial space into the market, while tenants can take advantage of making informed decisions using our almost comprehensive market data.

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