Weston, Florida November 16, 2018

Following an eighteen (18) month effort of meticulous planning and step-by-step implementation, Diaz Commercial is now ready to take its rightful place as a brokerage powerhouse in the South Florida commercial real estate market. As of the Fall of 2016, Diaz Commercial has far exceeded each of its quarterly projected revenue goals and has been consistently reinvesting in the firm’s infrastructure and marketing technologies. The firm’s founder, Irving J. Diaz, is no stranger to the industry. He has been involved in various aspects of the South Florida commercial real estate industry for over a quarter-century, since 1993. Although working quietly behind the scenes with private family funds and mid-sized corporate tenants, Diaz is now bringing his client-centric brand, Diaz Commercial, to the mainstream.

The firm’s 2019 marketing campaign is set to launch in early December 2018 for the South Florida region. There are also immediate expansion plans in the works for at least one other commercial real estate market in the Northeastern United States. The recruiting of new associates is set to begin in the third quarter of 2019.