Our commercial real estate investment sales and acquisitions services is designed to benefit both buyers and sellers. We provide a full-service trading platform with special attention to the nuances involved in the purchasing and selling of commercial properties. As a forward-thinking firm, we leverage the latest innovations in software technology to support the commercial property exchange process. For sellers we offer the ability to market their commercial real estate for sale on a global scale through a series of advertising channels, while buyers are given a competitive advantage by having access to market data and professionally constructed financial analytics.

Seller Representation

We provide sellers with a multi-step process designed to highlight a 360-degree perspective of the disposition decision-making process. Our approach allows sellers to fully understand the economic value of their commercial property sale.

VALUATION ANALYSIS: Each property is rigorously evaluated for their income potential, vacancy rates, market risks, and tenant mix quality. The result is a realistic opinion of investment value reflecting how an educated buyer may view the acquisition.

HOLD vs. SELL ANALYSIS: Every seller is provided with a hold vs. sell analysis of their commercial property, with the intention of demonstrating the difference in profitability if deciding to sell now vs. holding the asset and selling at a future period.

SUPPLY and DEMAND ANALYSIS: The asset is then submitted to a supply and demand analysis, to estimate the competition for similar types of commercial property inventory in the market and their sale turnover rate. This provides an estimate of how long the property may require to be exposed on the open market and at what asking price.

SALE MARKETING PLAN: When the decision is made to sell, the commercial property sale listing is introduced into the open market. We use a wide array of marketing channels, including both our proprietary prospective leads database and a variety of subscription-based advertising platforms with global exposure to ready, willing and able buyers.

DEAL TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT: The entire commercial property sale process from inception through closing is professionally managed by experienced advisors and brokers. Each client is directly overseen by a senior executive to ensure that client needs are addressed immediately, and decisions are executed with precision.

Buyer Representation

Buyers, including both investors and owner-users, are provided with a well-rounded approach to acquisition decision making and execution. Our methodical process provides buyers with a forward-looking strategy that encompasses the entire investment lifecycle.

EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION: Our firm provides Buyers with a complete boutique experience that encompasses tailored property searching, detailed acquisition analysis, market analytics, and transaction management. However, we limit our Buyer services to clients with whom an exclusive representation relationship is established.

TAILORED PROPERTY SEARCHING: We use an out-of-the-box comprehensive technique to source commercial property acquisition opportunities for our clients. Rather than just relying on conventional online property searches and broker-to-broker inquiries, our approach entails an expansive combination of research methods, which also include cold-calling property owners whom off-market commercial properties match our buyers’ criteria, querying our own proprietary database of off-market assets, and investing the time to physically scout the market.

ACQUISITION ANALYSIS: Every commercial property found to be a match for our Buyers are exhaustively scrutinized. Special attention is given to each category of the financial stack; including potential gross revenue from leasable opportunities, market vacancy vs. asset occupancy, operating expenses as compared to industry benchmarks for similar property types, and both periodic cash-flow and reversion profitability from net operating income.

MARKET ANALYTICS: In addition to a detailed financial analysis of each commercial property found with matching criteria, an evaluation of external economic conditions is also completed. We conduct a market analysis that includes a review of surrounding vacancy rates, supply and demand analysis of the subject properties leasable potential, economic growth estimates, and expected rates of return during the investment holding period.

ACQUISITION TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT: The commercial property acquisition process is expertly handled by experienced advisors and brokers. Each buyer is directly assigned to a senior executive to reassure them that their requirements and decisions are immediately addressed and executed.

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